Two Color Logo

This is the logo I made for Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve.

Copyright 2012 Alan Ackerman
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Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction Items

I designed and modeled these Speciality Necromancer Items for Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction.  They were made as 3D models but as with all Diablo II art assets they were rendered out as 2D.

Game size and a large view:

The Skull Totem

The Preserved Head

The Shrunken Head

Diablo II Inventory Charms

These are a series of charms I designed and made for Diablo II

Large Charms (1x3 inventory size)

Medium Charms (1x2 inventory size)

Small Charms (1x1 inventory size)


These are some of the things I did while with Sega of America or Sega Technical Institute (STI). There are things from the Sega Genesis and even Sega Arcade.

This is a concept drawing I did for "Dynamite Deka" for the Sega Titan system (an arcade system) which was later released on the Sega Saturn. When it was released in the U.S. it was licensed as "Die Hard Arcade" with very loose connections to the movie franchise.

The building was replaced in the U.S. release to match the building used in the movie Die Hard.


One of the "Kid Chameleon" characters I worked on was Cyclone, or Wings as I called him during development.

Another of the "Kid Chameleon" characters I worked on was Eyeclops. Although, we called him Vision Kid during development.


A background concept for a planet hopping game.

These are mock up game screens for a Genesis platform puzzle game called "Jester". I worked on the background art and play field animating devices. Unfortunately, the game was never released.

The tube and elevator door animating:

I worked on two levels for the Genesis game "The Ooze". This is what a level parts library looks like:

This is a screen shot from the level editor of part of level 2.

Isometric Game Art

Here are some buildings from sketch to game art.

In game art asset:

More Early Pixel Art

Backgrounds (the distant horizon) for creating parallax scrolling.